Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Where do I start?

   Everyone says that you should start at the beginning..this would be more like at the end...I've been having nightmares a lot so I'm hoping this might help a little...I will probably skip all over too..I'm hoping not to confuse myself.. going to leave out names as best as possible, however don't freak I will probably only insert names with nice things behind them...Yes I'm avoiding starting...
  The night before is a place to start....this night was a strange one to say the least...Bob was actually in a good mood and the last night was spent with the family..That would be the girls and I and Arturo..Nicole was dropped off at a Lazer Tag party for the her best friends....Bob decided to take us all out to eat and then go shopping.. we all ended up at Burger King after all other options had been vetoed for one reason or another.
 Triple Whopper with cheese/Large Coke (of Course)/Large Fry is his last meal...we had a fun time eating and laughing.  Next he decides that it's to early to go get Nicole and thinks that we should go to Sam's Club to get Nicole's Birthday presents (8th Birthday Mar 18th ). This was very unlike Bob...usually he did it the night before and very last minute.  He buys all of Nicole's presents that night..in the process he tells Natausha the stories about his Basic Training in the Army.. We pick up Nicole and head home..
  I go down to his man cave to talk to him and end up telling him how much I love him..I notice that he is bright red...I thought that maybe he had a coughing fit before I had come down..because he had a cold and cough the month before...It should of registered High Blood pressure but didn't because he said that he had a asthma problem developing...we had a private conversation until the girls wandered down to hang out...He went to bed at 9pm as usual because he had to work Saturday at 6pm....I followed him later at 1am...4:20am came really fast....
Nicole turned 8 seven days after we buried her father!!

    My advice to anyone is to not sleep in the nude!!! I mean Don't sleep in the nude!! I don't and neither should you!!! No joke!!

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